1. LOS ANGELES SIGNING TODAAAAY. With the great Esther Pearl Watson. Thank You Comics, 5011 York Boulevard, Highland Park. 6 to 8 pm. Presentations at 7pm (hopefully). Givin’ out sexxxy fake tattoos. BE THERE SQUARES!

  2. TODAY! SAN FRANCISCO! Signing at Mission Comics 3520 20th st Suite  B! Cool presentation at 7:30! You should totally come!

  3. How to Be Happy is my first collection of short comics. It’s coming out from Fantagraphics in August, but if you want to meet me and get an early-bird copy I’m doing a West Coast Book Tour this July. <3

    PORTLAND! 7/9 @ Floating World! SEATTLE! 7/13 @ Fantagraphics Bookstore! SAN FRANSCISCO! 7/14 @ Mission Comics! HIGHLAND PARK! 7/16 @ Thank You! SAN DIEGO! 7/24 - 7/27 @ The Fantagraphics booth, SDCC! SDCC Spotlight Presentation on 7/24!

    Come on by, West Coasters! I would love to meet you.

  4. Some of the bookplates I drew for the Fantagraphics Kickstarter.

  5. I drew myself as a Crystal Gem from Steven Universe! My Crystal Gem name is Red Zircon.

    It would be fun if other folks wanted to draw themselves as Crystal Gems too!


    • Make yourself look incredibly awesome and gorgeous and badass!
    • Fuck society’s bullshit beauty standards!

    I am excited for the kids who get to watch this show about a bunch of superwomen with a lot of different rad bods. I think that would have made a big impression on me when I was little. I think it would have really helped.

  6. Athen’s own LEE GATLIN is on tumblr! Follow follow follow follow!!!

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  7. We had a spring roll party last night & our brilliant friend Melissa discovered rice paper’s street-art potential. Sticks hard to glass. Dreaming big, destructive dreams.

  8. Lots to think about doing this illustration about black housekeepers and their white employers. For an article by Ellen Ann Fentress in the Oxford American; thank you as always to AD Tom Martin.



    Twenty three pages in, we finally get to see the title character.
    (via The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo | Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays)

  10. I’m taking part in something called the My Writing Process Blog Tour. I was invited by Eric Kaplan - I illustrated his upcoming book Does Santa Exist? which I liked very, very much.



    What am I working on?

    My process busts down into two pretty seperate parts - thumbnailling, which for me is writing in doodles, and then making the thumbnails into finished comics. Right now I have two stories thumbnailed that need to be drawn. One is called The Thai True Nudity Clinic. It’s about a wealthy couple who travels to Thailand and spends a huge amount of money in order to be Truly Nude together. The other is called March of the Penguins. It’s about a young man who works for a crime-scene cleanup company having sex with his girlfriend while they watch the movie March of the Penguins. 

    I also want to work on a story about a teenage girl with supernatural hair and a hardcore pornography comic.



    How does my work differ from others of its genre?  

    It’s by me. Other peoples’ work is by them.



    Why do I write what I do?

    My Great-Uncle Almyr died of cancer a while back. He was an interesting guy; an engineer and a gold miner and lots of other things. When he was diagnosed with cancer he was living in Mexico. In addition to Western medicine, he tried a lot of alternative therapies. One of the things he did was a visualization exercise. He would imagine himself very small. Then he would imagine taking this tiny version of himself and cutting it open. He would find the cancer inside this tiny self, and he would take it out. Then he would imagine that the tiny self was cured.



    How does your writing process work?

    I sketch and stare out the window and feel sorry for myself until I have an idea and I fall in love with it. It’s usually a little, slippery, shadowy thing, but I fall in love with it in the way you fall in love with anything - shortness of breath, heart racing etc. Then I build a story around the slippery idea, for it to live in. Sometimes after I’ve finished building the story I look inside it and the idea has disappeared.


    Next up I’m tagging Joey Weiser, Patrick Lee Dean and Robert Newsome. They are great guys and my fellow Athenians.

    Joey Weiser is the author of the Mermin graphic novel series from Oni Press.  His comics have appeared in several anthologies including the award-winning Flight series, and his first graphic novel, The Ride Home, was published in 2007 by AdHouse Books. He is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design and currently lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife Michele and their cat Eddie. http://www.http://tragic-planet.com/

    Patrick Dean was born in Rome, Georgia, and relocated to Athens to attend the University of Georgia. After four and a half years, he graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. Then he washed dishes and cut open his drawing hand. Then he quit washing dishes and took a day job that did not involve sharp things. Then he left that job, too. His comics and illustrations appeared weekly in Athens’ Flagpole Magazine for a decade and have been published in Legal Action Comics, Typhon, The Comic Eye, Vice Magazine, and The Oxford American Magazine. He lives with his wife, two kids, a cat, and a dog that acts like a cat. http://patrickdeancomics.blogspot.com/

    Robert Newsome is the man behind The Atomic Elbow, the ‘zine Fifty-Three (which he put out weekly for a year and one week), and The Journal of Modok Studies. He is also responsible for numerous other interesting and edifying projects, which he may or may not take credit for, but which he will definitely try to tell you are stupid. http://secondperiodindustries.blogspot.com/

  11. fantagraphics:

    It’s a great pleasure to reveal the final cover artwork for one of our most anticipated books of 2014. How to Be Happy collects short comics by Eleanor Davis and it will floor you with its beauty and depth. You’ve seen some of this work in Best American Comics, Mome, Nobrow, and Lucky Peach (if you’re tuned in to the hip print outlets) and on the web (if you’re tuned in to Tumblr), and now it’s collected in one gorgeous book, due out this Summer.

    Pre-sale is on now, and more previews are in the pipeline. For now, we thought you might also like a look at the jaw-dropping wraparound cover art unfettered by text and stuff.

    The cover of my book! Coming in July we’re hoping. xxx

  12. Orlando

  13. Sun & moon; for The Oxford American, illustrating an article about Flannery O’Connor’s beautiful, startling prayer journal.

    ~ purchase a print ~

  14. Never Ever Even is in the latest Lucky Peach (the street food issue)! We illustrated The Happy Valley, a short story by Justin Taylor. Never Ever Even is me and my Main Lady Katherine Guillen. We’re a pretty great team if I say so myself; especially with Walter Green as art director.

    ~ purchase a print ~

  15. purrseltongue