1. An illo for The New Yorker about 3 Acts, 2 Dancers, 1 Radio Host; featuring Ira Glass & two superdancers. A pleasure working with AD Jordan Awan.

  3. Illustration for a complicated article about the legend of John Henry, the appropriation of black music by white people, and violence toward black people by whites. For The Oxford American.

    I write a little bit about making this piece here and here.


  5. How to be Happy is #8 in Hardback Graphic Novels! (!?!?!?!?)

  6. For the French music festival Rock en Seine! If you know how much I love pop music, the subversion of gender norms & weird hair you can imagine how pleased I was to do this poster for La Roux.

  7. Hi Athens, Georgia! I’m doing my weird slideshow at our own wonderful Avid Bookshop tomorrow, Friday 8/22 at 6:30 pm. You should come! (We’re raffling off two more giant prints if you didn’t win one at Wuxtry last week!) (Also, if you don’t live in Athens, you can order a signed & sketched copy online from Avid, too!)

  8. For the Times, illustrating this article about the importance of good teachers. Buy the original art (with considerably different star) here.

    Painted while imagining an America that educates and loves our kids rather than neglecting, oppressing and, finally, shooting them.

  9. Come to my book release picnic/party for How to be Happy! It’s the Bizarro Wuxtry here in Athens, this Friday, August 15th, from 4 to 6. There will be nice things to eat and drink and fun things to do. Bring a dish to share or buy any book at the Wuxtry during the party & be entered into a raffle to win this poster!

  10. I did a weeks worth of illustrations for the Slate Book Review! Women writers, cordyceps zombies, shitty atheists, and birds & boundries. Finally, thoughts on Édouard Levé, who killed himself ten days after finishing his last book.

  11. This 4th of July I illustrated this  NYT piece on 1920s Beach Slang by the awesome Ben Schott. Thank you Ben & AD Matt Dorfman <3


  12. My book, How to be Happy, came out yesterday! You can request it at your local bookstore or comic shop, or if you would like to order a copy online, I recommend our own wonderful local bookstore, Avid Bookshop. I’ll be signing & sketching in every copy!

  13. I have a book! I’ve been working on it for a really long time. It’s a collection of short stories. It’s from Fantagraphics Books. It’s called How To Be Happy. I am very proud of it. I hope you will check it out!

  14. TODAY! SAN FRANCISCO! Signing at Mission Comics 3520 20th st Suite  B! Cool presentation at 7:30! You should totally come!

  15. Some of the bookplates I drew for the Fantagraphics Kickstarter.