Twenty three pages in, we finally get to see the title character.
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  2. I’m taking part in something called the My Writing Process Blog Tour. I was invited by Eric Kaplan - I illustrated his upcoming book Does Santa Exist? which I liked very, very much.



    What am I working on?

    My process busts down into two pretty seperate parts - thumbnailling, which for me is writing in doodles, and then making the thumbnails into finished comics. Right now I have two stories thumbnailed that need to be drawn. One is called The Thai True Nudity Clinic. It’s about a wealthy couple who travels to Thailand and spends a huge amount of money in order to be Truly Nude together. The other is called March of the Penguins. It’s about a young man who works for a crime-scene cleanup company having sex with his girlfriend while they watch the movie March of the Penguins. 

    I also want to work on a story about a teenage girl with supernatural hair and a hardcore pornography comic.



    How does my work differ from others of its genre?  

    It’s by me. Other peoples’ work is by them.



    Why do I write what I do?

    My Great-Uncle Almyr died of cancer a while back. He was an interesting guy; an engineer and a gold miner and lots of other things. When he was diagnosed with cancer he was living in Mexico. In addition to Western medicine, he tried a lot of alternative therapies. One of the things he did was a visualization exercise. He would imagine himself very small. Then he would imagine taking this tiny version of himself and cutting it open. He would find the cancer inside this tiny self, and he would take it out. Then he would imagine that the tiny self was cured.



    How does your writing process work?

    I sketch and stare out the window and feel sorry for myself until I have an idea and I fall in love with it. It’s usually a little, slippery, shadowy thing, but I fall in love with it in the way you fall in love with anything - shortness of breath, heart racing etc. Then I build a story around the slippery idea, for it to live in. Sometimes after I’ve finished building the story I look inside it and the idea has disappeared.


    Next up I’m tagging Joey Weiser, Patrick Lee Dean and Robert Newsome. They are great guys and my fellow Athenians.

    Joey Weiser is the author of the Mermin graphic novel series from Oni Press.  His comics have appeared in several anthologies including the award-winning Flight series, and his first graphic novel, The Ride Home, was published in 2007 by AdHouse Books. He is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design and currently lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife Michele and their cat Eddie. http://www.http://tragic-planet.com/

    Patrick Dean was born in Rome, Georgia, and relocated to Athens to attend the University of Georgia. After four and a half years, he graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. Then he washed dishes and cut open his drawing hand. Then he quit washing dishes and took a day job that did not involve sharp things. Then he left that job, too. His comics and illustrations appeared weekly in Athens’ Flagpole Magazine for a decade and have been published in Legal Action Comics, Typhon, The Comic Eye, Vice Magazine, and The Oxford American Magazine. He lives with his wife, two kids, a cat, and a dog that acts like a cat. http://patrickdeancomics.blogspot.com/

    Robert Newsome is the man behind The Atomic Elbow, the ‘zine Fifty-Three (which he put out weekly for a year and one week), and The Journal of Modok Studies. He is also responsible for numerous other interesting and edifying projects, which he may or may not take credit for, but which he will definitely try to tell you are stupid. http://secondperiodindustries.blogspot.com/

  3. fantagraphics:

    It’s a great pleasure to reveal the final cover artwork for one of our most anticipated books of 2014. How to Be Happy collects short comics by Eleanor Davis and it will floor you with its beauty and depth. You’ve seen some of this work in Best American Comics, Mome, Nobrow, and Lucky Peach (if you’re tuned in to the hip print outlets) and on the web (if you’re tuned in to Tumblr), and now it’s collected in one gorgeous book, due out this Summer.

    Pre-sale is on now, and more previews are in the pipeline. For now, we thought you might also like a look at the jaw-dropping wraparound cover art unfettered by text and stuff.

    The cover of my book! Coming in July we’re hoping. xxx

  4. Orlando

  5. Sun & moon; for The Oxford American, illustrating an article about Flannery O’Connor’s beautiful, startling prayer journal.

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  6. Never Ever Even is in the latest Lucky Peach (the street food issue)! We illustrated The Happy Valley, a short story by Justin Taylor. Never Ever Even is me and my Main Lady Katherine Guillen. We’re a pretty great team if I say so myself; especially with Walter Green as art director.

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  7. purrseltongue

  8. drewweing:

    I’m launching a new comic today, The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo. There’s four pages up already, go check it out: http://www.margomaloo.com
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  9. I was asked to describe how I see the illustration/design scene in my country. This is how it feels to me; i.e., incredible. I know it’s corny, but I made a wallpaper out of it because it’s important to be reminded how good things are now, how exciting it feels. http://doing-fine.com/Illo-women-wallpaper.jpg

  10. Michael Govan teaches his daughter to fly. For the Wall Street Journal.

  11. Our pal David Mack has put his super comic strip A Round Town on tumblr! Funny, observant, subtle, loving. Good for anyone who is a fan of friends and dogs and small towns and being an alive person. Follow him, y’all!

    (Source: justcomicandmore)


  12. The super-duper Dan Berry asked me what getting an idea feels like & I spent a long time thinking about it.


    1)  Groping around in a dark room and feeling something that’s a weird shape and just touching it everywhere and trying to figure out what it is. Then you try to draw a picture of the shape, whatever it is, in the dark. It comes out all wrong, but you kind of like it anyway.

    2)  Being in a really messy room filled with piles of broken shit and then finding a small but powerful magic electromagnet and turning it on. All the broken shit  sort of hovers up into the air & the pieces sort of go whoom-whoom-whoom & stick to the elecromagnet until they make an object & the room is clean (I think I’ve seen an anime where this happens).

    3)  You are in a dark cave. There’s a deep hole that opens out into a dark underground sea filled with stuff. You are fishing creatures and things up through the hole with a really thin piece of string. Sometimes you get pretty scared you’re going to fall into the hole

    4)  Your mind is a stinky room filled with hundreds of feral cats and cat shit. Sometimes you open a window in your mind & it’s light & clean & there are interesting things & people outside the window. Why don’t you always keep the windows open? Who let all these cats in? Why don’t you get out of there once in a while?

    5)  There is low-level screaming in your mind at all times. Sometimes the screaming gets so loud inside your mind that you start screaming in real life also. You could go to a therapist, or you could draw a comic about it. Therapists are very expensive.

    6)  There are irritating flies in your mind that are always biting you. You shoo them away & try to kill them. They just fly around and lay eggs and die and eat the shit in your mind like flies do. But then every so often you look closely at one of the flies. It’s actually a beautiful fairy princess with diamond-rainbow wings! She wants you to draw her picture! Wow!

    7)  You are sick and need to vomit & so you do & then you feel better. Then you let people look at the vomit. They like it! They think you’re so cool because of your vomit! They want to make out with you!

    8)  You’re just hanging out in your mind & then you find something in there very small, very tiny, but when you look at it closely it’s the shield of Achilles in that scene in The Iliad with the earth & sun & sky & cities & weddings & fields being plowed & wars being fought & grape pickers & a bull being attacked by lions & sheep & men & women dancing & the ocean.

    9)  There is a funny story you tell at parties & then one day you realize that if you just tweak a couple things and change everyones’ name it would make a decent comic. Bang! Done.

  13. "For Fund Investors, the Dangers of Rarefied Air" - NYT. A really fun one!

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  14. For The Washington Post - The Last Bookstore