1. YOU GUYS!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY AND EXCITED to tell you that with your support we made a total of $4,532 in the Kyle Coldwell Needs A Damn Wheelchair Van Drawing Marathon!!!

    We sold all 33 original artworks, 121 posters, and received $560 of additional donations. It feels awesome that he’s now so close to his goal, and I’m super excited to start mailing out the art and posters!


  2. Last chance to get a poster to support my friend Kyle’s GoFundMe to get a working wheelchair van! We’re taking orders until 12:00pm EST & them it’s OVER, sweeties! Thanks to all your support so far we’ve sold a TON of art & Kyle’s getting pretty fucking close to his goal!!! Buy a poster here!

  3. On Friday I did a 17 hour Draw-a-thon to benefit my friend Kyle Coldwell’s GoFundMe to get a working wheelchair van. With no pre-planning I drew 33 little images that fit together making one pretty panorama. We raised $1K selling all the original art, but you can still buy a PosterZine of the entire scene. All proceeds go to Kyle’s GoFundMe. Help me help one of my best friends!


  4. My Friend Kyle Needs A Wheelchair Van!


    My friend Kyle needs a wheelchair van!! Living in Mesa Arizona he’s trapped in his apartment without one!

    Today I’m doing a drawing marathon to benefit Kyle’s GoFundMe to get him a van!!!


    Today, Friday, September 10th, from 10am to 10pm EST I’m raising $1,000 EDIT: $2,000 in a DRAWING MARATHON!!!!  I’m making 30+ 3x3 pen & ink interconnected artworks, & selling the originals and a commemorative posterzine. I’ll be posting the drawings here as I make them. And, HEY!!! You can watch me drawing them in real time on this livecam!!!!

    Buy the original art & poster here!! All the proceeds will be donated to Kyle’s GoFundMe. (If art isn’t your thing, you can donate to Kyle directly!) PLEASE SHARE, RT, ETC!

    I met my friend Kyle when I was 18 and he was 11; I was his counselor at a week-long Muscular Dystrophy Camp. We got along immediately. We had nicknames for each other & dumb in-jokes & we liked all the same books. I was pretty stupid & Kyle was scary smart; we made a good team.


    I volunteered at MD camp every Summer for the next 7 years. Counselors help campers with whatever, which can include eating, getting in and out of bed, hygiene, activities etc. Camp is nuts. Folks get crazy competitive at wheelchair soccer & make up skits for the talent show & flirt & fight & steal each others’ underwear & talk shit & fall in love. Over the years Kyle got into Insane Clown Posse (13), and then The Smiths (16), and then Kierkegaard (18). When he graduated from camp he was the same age I was when we’d met.


    I first volunteered for MD camp because I was depressed and I hated myself and I thought it would be some sort of punishment. Instead, it was the best thing. I had fun. I met incredible people. It let a little bit of light in.

    Since Kyle graduated both of us have drawn a lot & written a lot & gone through punk phases & become feminists & gotten a lot of tattoos. I got married & Kyle got engaged. He is one of my most important friends.


    I am selling each small original artwork like the one below for $25 EDIT: We raised the price of the original art to $40! They were selling too fast at $25! If you think they are worth more I would be so grateful if you bought a commemorative posterzine or chose the extra donation option. Help me help out one of my best friends. It would mean a lot.



    LIVESTREAM OF MARATHON HERE 10/10, 10am - 10pm EST


    EDIT: Kyle says he wouldn’t have had a The Cure t-shirt when he was 18, & that what I was remembering was a conversation we had at the time where he said he hated The Cure & I said he was an idiot. Luckily now he likes The Cure so you can continue supporting this campaign.

  5. Dreamy & intense piece for the Times today for a very nice article comparing medicine and mushroom-hunting. Thank you AD Alexandra Zsigmond. The original art is for sale here.

  6. My How to be Happy East Coast tour is over! Thank you to everyone who said howdy & who traded minis & who checked out my stuff. Thank you to all the comic shops that hosted. Everyone was so kind to me.

    Here’s a photo from Desert Island. A room filled with people; we’re looking for something.

  7. I’m in the latest issue of the French magazine Télérama, which is devoted entirely to Shakespeare. I chose the women in Shakespeare as the subject I wanted to illustrate most & so got to do this fun spread on women in general and Lady Macbeth, Portia & Ophelia in particular. Thank you to AD Catherine Le Gallou. (There are a lot of amazing illustrators in this issue, including Christophe Blain & Gipi!)

    Buy a big, beautiful, limited-edition Glicée print of this piece in our online shop.

  8. An illo for the nice folks over at Riverby Books. (This is the piece I’m wrestling with here & here if you’re curious!)

  9. I visited two great schools yesterday in DC where I read my TOON book Stinky, drew a lot of crazy collaborative drawings, & met a bunch of terrific, sweet, funny, inexplicable, smart, artistic kids. Here’s me with one of the classes holding up all the amazing monster pictures they drew!

    This is the second event I’ve done with An Open Book Foundation, which is a wonderful program doing work that, like with many other wonderful programs, should not have to be done.

    Author visits are an awesome thing that schools can make happen for students. These visits are super fun for authors, but it’s also hard work, and authors are usually paid for it. Disparity in funding for public schools means that schools in affluent districts can afford to bring in authors while schools in poorer districts cannot. AOB helps organize authors to volunteer their time to visit schools who can’t afford to pay the usual stipend. They also work with publishers who donate copies of their books to the students.

    Unequal access to education is unjust. For America to allow it is beneath us. There are a thousand things we have got to change, but this one is especially heartbreaking.

  10. Gonna be in NYC next weekend!

    - Saturday night, Bergen w/ Simon Hanselman & Jesse Reklaw (+Michael DeForge, Patrick Kyle, Matthew Thurber, Alex Degen, and Mark Connery).

    - Sunday, BBF including a panel w/ Charles Burns (????) and Paul Pope (????????) (what the fuck) + signings at the Fanta & Toon tables

    - Monday, Desert Island, 7pm, signing and doing my slideshow presentation about the weird passions within the Author/Reader relationship. POSSIBLY FOR THE LAST TIME. It’s one of the best things I’ve done. Plz cm

    I’m a fuckin wreck from overtravel & overfun, come see me before I die.

  11. Momoko Usami makes extraordinary ceramics. My mom bought these trays from her, which you can rearrange to make different mazes. Then she made this gif! It’s called Astro Boy Chase.

  12. Whenever you make anything there are a dozen of fiddly little things you’d like to change, but in the case of my collection of short stories, How to be Happy, there is one thing that I feel really bad about. I sloppily omitted any original publication credits, which does a disservice to the three wonderful publications several of the short stories had previously appeared in. I was proud to be in those publications, and if I’m lucky enough to go into a second printing I’m looking forward to fixing this mistake. In the meantime, I will credit them here:

    In Our Eden was originally published in Nobrow #7, Brave New World edited by Alex Spiro (Nobrow Press)

    Untitled (Bus Trip)was originally published in Lucky Peach #7, The Travel Issue and was art directed by Walter Green (McSweeny’s)

    Nita Goes Home, Stick and String, Seven Sacks, and Thomas the Leaderwere all originally published in MOMEs number 22, 8, 7 and 9 respectively. Edited by Eric Reynolds and Gary Groth. (Fantagraphics Books)

    All other work either appeared online on my own sites or was previously unpublished.

  13. An illo for The New Yorker about 3 Acts, 2 Dancers, 1 Radio Host; featuring Ira Glass & two superdancers. A pleasure working with AD Jordan Awan.

  15. Illustration for a complicated article about the legend of John Henry, the appropriation of black music by white people, and violence toward black people by whites. For The Oxford American.

    I write a little bit about making this piece here and here.