1. Whenever you make anything there are a dozen of fiddly little things you’d like to change, but in the case of my collection of short stories, How to be Happy, there is one thing that I feel really bad about. I sloppily omitted any original publication credits, which does a disservice to the three wonderful publications several of the short stories had previously appeared in. I was proud to be in those publications, and if I’m lucky enough to go into a second printing I’m looking forward to fixing this mistake. In the meantime, I will credit them here:

    In Our Eden was originally published in Nobrow #7, Brave New World edited by Alex Spiro (Nobrow Press)

    Untitled (Bus Trip)was originally published in Lucky Peach #7, The Travel Issue and was art directed by Walter Green (McSweeny’s)

    Nita Goes Home, Stick and String, Seven Sacks, and Thomas the Leaderwere all originally published in MOMEs number 22, 8, 7 and 9 respectively. Edited by Eric Reynolds and Gary Groth. (Fantagraphics Books)

    All other work either appeared online on my own sites or was previously unpublished.

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